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Church Council

At Christ Church United Church of Christ, we have a dedicated Church Council of seven members, elected by the congregation. They meet monthly to discuss and make decisions on the important needs of our church. Our pastor serves on all committees in an advisory role (ex-officio) except for Christian Education & Worship and Arts, where he leads as chair. This collaborative structure ensures strong leadership and active member involvement in guiding the church's future.

  • Alice Barnhart, President
  • Judy Rosedale, Vice-President
  • Laura Hallberg, Secretary
  • Holly Schmidt, Member
  • Bob Neil, Member
  • Steve Bay, Member
  • Mandy O’Donnell, Member


  • Karen Harkovich, Co-Chair
  • Kyle Speer, Co-Chair
  • Mandy O’Donnell
  • Holly Schmidt
  • Linda Steckel
  • Jan Storm
  • Murphy Putz
  • Julie Radman
  • Megan Shipp
  • Judy Rosedale, Chair
  • Holly Schmidt
  • Mandy O’Donnell
  • Don Rosedale
  • Jacob M. Guerra-Martinez
  • Rita Barth, Chair
  • Donna Boyko, Secretary
  • Holly Schmidt
  • Laura Hallberg
  • Bob Neil, Chair
  • Jan Storm
  • Steve Bay
  • Gary Smith
  • Frank Staggs
  • Bud Hudson
Finance Committee
  • Gary Smith, Chair
  • Rita Barth, Financial Church Secretary
  • Barbara Bay
  • Don Rosedale
  • Jack Branding
Faith Forward Commission
  • Jessica Busse, Vice-Chair
  • Holly Schmidt, Secretary
  • Mandy O’Donnell, Treasurer
  • Judy Rosedale, Camp Fund Coordinator
  • Jacob Guerra-Martinez, Programming Coordinator

All Members, Lay Ministry